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expires: 07/29/2024

Plush Cotton Bear Bed

FREE with any cub

For your new cub's ultimate ejoyment. A new bear bed is the perfect alternative to a dank cage or sleeping out in the backyard. Let your bear know you love him with his own bear bed!

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expires: 08/13/2024

Grown Bear Combo Set: Leash, Hat, and Muzzle


Your new bear will love his new hat. When you teach him to dance in it, he'll look amazing. When he misbehaves (if he misbehaves), slip on the muzzle and let him know you mean business.

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expires: 09/13/2024

Bath, Shampoo & Conditioner

Extra Small Bear Cub $40 to $45

Give that new bear of yours a nice and squeaky-clean bath he'll love you forever for. Act today, as this deal won't last long!

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