Our Team

We Are Bear Enthusiasts!

We're a team full of bear-lovers who eat, sleep, and drink precious bear cubs. Meet our fantastic team below!


Rufus Lovegood


I love bears. I just love the 'wittle guys! I love everything about bears. I've been collecting baby bears from the forest since I was a girl. Now I help rescue them from the wild and sell them to loving families who will care for them.

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Matt Patterson

Sales & Customer Services

Hey guys, I'm Matt! I just love nature: being in it, hiking it, living off it, and especially the creatures in it! I love bears the most of all. I love bears so much that I joined this awesome company to help share these little buggers with everyone!

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Miranda Cameroon

Bear Groomer

I joined New England Bears early in 2010 when I was in-between jobs. Since then I have personally groomed over 300 baby bears! I love my job and the look on each person when I help bring a new, well-groomed member into their family.

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Our Humble Shop

We do it all here at our quaint little Bear Ranch. We raise, sell, groom, and train the cutest little bear cubs you've ever seen. Please follow us on Facebook, call us, or shoot us a line if you'd like to learn more about a specific bear.

Meet "Papa"

Papa helped us become the company we are today. We owe him everything. The countless New England families who are enriched by the new bear cubs in their lives owe him everything. He was a great man. Sleep well, sweet soul. Sleep well.